Tissue Grafting

Receding or Uneven Gums?
Sensitive Roots?

Tissue Grafting is Newton’s Smile Solution!

Do you have pain at the gumline every time you brush your teeth? Does drinking a cup of hot tea feel like torture? Have you actually started screaming when eating ice cream – and not because it tastes so good? You could be experiencing the misery often associated with gum recession.

Tissue grafting from Newton’s own Dr. Leonard Strauss can stop your pain, protect your tooth roots, and prevent possible infection and bone loss.

Why Gums Can Recede

While most gum recession happens as a result of periodontal disease, infection in your gums is not the only cause. Other reasons include:

  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Brushing too hard
  • Trauma
  • Improperly fitting crowns, bridges, or partials
  • Poor tooth position
  • Hormonal fluctuation during pregnancy or menopause
  • Genetics
  • TMJ disorder or clenching and grinding
  • Tobacco use including smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene

The truth is that often gum recession is caused by a combination of factors and can get worse over time. It is important to deal with receding gums as early as possible.

When not treated, you won’t just struggle with sensitivity and bad breath – your tooth roots also become vulnerable to gumline decay, your body becomes more open to infection, and bone loss is more likely. Worst of all, the risk of tooth loss is dramatically increased.

We want to get our Boston area patients stabilized, protected, and healthy so they can enjoy their ice cream without pain and keep smiling for life!

How We Can Help

We offer a number of surgical gum grafting procedures to cover the exposed tooth root with new tissue. This tissue can be your own tissue or tissue from a tissue bank. Either way, as the tissue heals, your gum line will look and feel healthier and more attractive.

There are basically three tissue grafting options available:

Connective Tissue Graft – This is one of the most commonly used types of gum-grafting techniques. Dr. Strauss moves a delicate strip of connective tissue from the roof of your mouth and applies it to protect your exposed roots and strengthen your existing gum tissue. This is generally the choice for pleasing and aesthetic results.

Free Gingival Graft – these grafts are similar to connective tissue grafts but the tissue is completely removed and applied over the affected area.

Pedicle Graft – This is one of our most successful grafts because we use healthy gum tissue adjacent to the gum area that needs support. The blood supply is shared, so healing is fast and comfortable.


You don’t have to live with gum recession! Ask us how our tissue-grafting options can stop your sensitivity and beautify your smile.