Leonard H. Strauss, DMD, PC

Need a Healthier Smile?

Welcome to Station Dental Implants & Periodontics

Smiles make every day brighter. But if your smile is unhealthy you may not be living life to the fullest.
Our Team Understands.

Are you facing the loss of one or more teeth and dread the thought of dentures or partials?

Station Dental can replace your teeth with a variety of dental implant options . We even offer the innovation and convenience of a brand new smile in one visit with One Day Smiles!

Have you been told that you don’t qualify for dental implants because of bone loss?

We specialize in periodontal surgery including bone grafting to build your bone structure and give you a strong and stable base for implant placement.

Are you struggling with hard-to-treat periodontal issues including receding gums or gum infections?

Dr. Strauss offers treatments to clear and heal even the most advanced gum infection and offers laser therapy and tissue grafting to get your gums back in the pink.

Isn’t it time YOU…

laughed out loud,

ate what you wanted,

spoke with confidence,

and just generally felt better
because your smile was whole & healthy again?

discover your options to start smiling again with dental
implants & total periodontal care from a dentist you trust.