Sinus Elevation

No Room for an Upper Dental Implant?

Sinus Elevation Gives You the Lift You Need!

Any tooth loss is upsetting. You want to find the most functional, attractive, and natural-feeling replacement possible. We always recommend dental implants or implant-supported dentures to our Boston area patients – even for upper teeth and even for patients who have been told they can’t have upper implants because of bone loss.

If you have been told that you may not have enough bone in your upper arch to support dental implants, don’t lose hope.

Dr. Leonard Strauss and his team at Newton’s Station Dental Implants and Periodontics can evaluate your condition, boost your bone mass, and get those dental implants placed securely and comfortably. We want to see everyone in the Newton area smiling with comfort and confidence and a sinus lift may just be your ticket to health!

Why Your Sinuses Matter for Dental Implants

Though you may not think of them much, even your upper molars and premolars play an important role in allowing you to eat and chew the food you enjoy, speak clearly and naturally, and retain your youthful facial contours.

The problem is that if you have been missing teeth for some time, you may not have enough bone near your sinuses to hold implant posts securely in place.

Consider the anatomy of your face. You certainly know you have sinuses when you catch a bad cold or have allergy attacks. These natural cavities vary in size. They may be larger than normal because of heredity or medical conditions. They can also become enlarged when there has been tooth loss and bone has been resorbed. Jaw bone resorption happens every single time a tooth is lost and the bone supporting the tooth loses the stimulation provided by the roots of that tooth. Sometimes dentists perform bone augmentation the moment they remove a tooth. That can certainly help keep bone from resorbing, but the only thing that can truly prevent bone loss is to replace the root as soon as possible with an implant post. It’s true – dental implants do not simply serve a cosmetic function. They preserve your bone as well.

How a Sinus Graft Works

A sinus graft is very similar to any other bone grafting procedure we offer in that we use bone-graft material to strengthen and build weak areas. The big difference in a sinus lift is that we fill a portion of your sinus cavity to lengthen your upper arch area so an implant post can be securely placed and retained. Once the area is constructed and rebuilt, some time will be needed for the graft to heal and fuse with your existing bone before further procedures can be completed, but in the end, your bone will be augmented and a new smile can be built so you can get back to living to the fullest.

To learn more about how a sinus lift can boost your smile and let you enjoy life’s little pleasures again, give us a call today!