Cosmetic Services

Embarrassed by Missing Front Teeth
or a Gummy Smile?

Smile Again with Cosmetic Periodontal Services

  • Do you cover your mouth when you laugh?
  • Do you feel like hiding from cameras?
  • Do you wish there was a way you could regain your confidence and feel great about your smile again?

Cosmetic services from Newton’s own periodontal and implant specialist, Dr. Leonard Strauss, can take your smile from embarrassing and damaged, to bright, even, and whole for confidence you thought you had lost forever.

You can trust both your smile and your well being to Dr. Strauss and his team. Their advanced training and decades of experience ensure that your results will be beautiful, while their compassionate and gentle touch help you relax and feel comfortable no matter how advanced your procedure is.

We offer:

  • Laser Cosmetic Soft-Tissue Contouring to straighten uneven, overgrown gums, expose more of your beautiful enamel, and give you a more attractive smile – almost instantly!
  • Implants for the Front of Your Smile to replace missing teeth where they show the most so you can smile, laugh, talk, and eat as naturally as if you had never lost a tooth at all!

Dr. Strauss uses laser technology and cone beam imaging for the most accurate treatment with minimal discomfort.

  • Lasers allow us to sculpt soft tissue without any cutting. In fact, the laser heals as it works so there is no need for stitches either.
  • Cone beam technology lets us get 3-dimensional images of your entire facial structure in about a minute, allowing us to create a detailed plan and perform precision treatment. And that means better results for your smile!

Laser Cosmetic Gum Contouring

Most people don’t really think of their gums very often. But if you are one of the millions of people who experience gum overgrowth your gums might be all you can focus on. Laser gum contouring from Boston’s periodontal choice, Dr. Leonard Strauss, can get your gums back in shape and looking great in one, easy visit.

Gum overgrowth can be caused by a variety of problems, including:

  • Hormonal changes such as pregnancy
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Braces
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Medications
  • Hereditary conditions

Gum overgrowth isn’t only embarrassing – it can make brushing and flossing difficult as well. Often patients become less active in their dental hygiene and that can lead to gum disease, which is threatening to your whole body health. Dr. Strauss can treat the infection, calm the inflammation, and gently sculpt your gums.

But gum overgrowth isn’t the only reason we have for laser gum sculpting. Sometimes gums are uneven or cover more of your enamel than they should making your smile look irregular or duller than it needs to. We can fix that too. And since the laser cauterizes as it sculpts, there will be very little swelling, bleeding, or soreness and absolutely no need for stitches. Just a beautiful even smile after one visit.

Anterior Implants

A fall. A car accident. Severe tooth decay. Untreated gum disease. Extreme wear and tear from clenching and grinding.

Whatever the reason your front teeth are missing or need to be removed, we know that it is upsetting and sometimes even scary. What’s more, missing front teeth can keep you from biting and chewing well and speaking clearly.

That’s why Dr. Strauss has received advanced training in the placement of anterior teeth, or the teeth that show in the front of your mouth when you smile. Replacing these teeth takes a very special, precision touch because they need to look completely natural and blend in with the remaining teeth – and Dr. Strauss has the experienced and artful eye to ensure perfect beauty.

The process starts with careful planning. We will use our cone beam scanner to be sure you have enough bone and that its density is sufficient to hold your implant post, as well as to plan ideal placement for security and fit. On the day of surgery, a delicate titanium post will be precision placed in the chosen site. The titanium will fuse with your bone so you never have to worry about looseness. And unlike a bridge or other temporary replacement, your implant stays in place permanently – no embarrassing mishaps while eating! In some cases a temporary tooth will be placed in the site while healing occurs, but we will never leave you without a smile.

Don’t live with the distress of missing front teeth – let anterior implants from Boston’s implant periodontist fill the gaps and getting you eating, speaking, and laughing the way you deserve.

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