New Patients

Welcome Home to

Your New Smile, Boston!

From the first phone call to our office to the moment you walk in our doors, we want to make sure that you are treated like the VIP we think you are.

You are the only reason we practice dentistry. We love to help people just like you find renewed health and confidence through dental implants or periodontal treatment. In fact, we appreciate our patients so much – and they in turn appreciate us – that we often end up feeling more like friends than patient and dental team. We want to get to know you, because we believe we can only truly meet the needs of people we know and understand.

You Talk. We Listen. Your Smile Wins.

You will have plenty of opportunity to tell us all about yourself during your initial consultation. We’ll talk about all of your needs and desires, fears and concerns – we want to know all about you and your expectations so we can give you the treatment you deserve. We celebrate your uniqueness and understand that not everyone has the same comfort level, budget, or knowledge of the available options.

  • If anything makes you nervous, or you have had a bad dental experience in the past, we want to know about it so we can choose the best methods to keep you utterly relaxed and comfortable.
  • If you have health issues that make it hard for you to get comfortable in the dental chair, we want to know that too.
  • If you have  a hard time getting numb and need a little extra anesthetic boost, let us know.
  • Even if your gag reflex is a little strong and you worry you might be embarrassed as soon as we get to work, don’t be shy, tell us that too!

So talk to us! We want to get to know you as the complete and complex person you are. To us, you are much more than a mouth to fix, you are a person who deserves a wonderful smile.

Here’s another way we work to make life a little easier: Fill out these forms at home instead of rushing Through them in our office. Just don’t forget to bring them with you to your appointment!



We understand that getting advanced care can make some people a little nervous. Don’t worry! Our goal is to keep you absolutely comfortable.

The relaxation process often starts with getting you relaxed through your choice of sedation options. We offer a variety of relaxation methods for you to choose from including:

Pre-medication. Just take a prescribed medication before arrival and relax through any procedure. You will be responsive and aware, but feel calm and at ease.

Anesthesia. We bring in a licensed anesthesiologist to monitor you through your procedure. Go to sleep and wake up with a new smile!

Sedation (nitrous oxide and oral). Similar to pre-medication, these sedation choices are relaxing and make you feel very drowsy, but do not put you under the way anesthesia does. Nitrous Oxide has the added advantage of having no lingering effects. We just administer some pure oxygen after your procedure and you can drive yourself home if you’d like!

We also get you cozy and snuggled in for your procedure with a neck pillow, blanket, and even your favorite NetFlix show (Be warned – you’ll probably nap through most of it so you may have to watch it again!).

Our personalized approach is an important aspect of keeping every visit stress-free and pleasant so you can leave our office refreshed and ready to face the world with a brand-new smile!

Payment Options

& Insurance

We don’t think worrying about how to afford your care should be an obstacle to getting the smile you deserve. Talk to us about your options. Our team specializes in helping you find the best choices to meet your specific needs including financing through Lending Club and CareCredit. We are always available to help!

To find out more about how we can make your visits with us
comfortable and affordable, give us call today!